January 14th, 2012



Here are ten things I've done which you probably haven't:

1) I once spent 20 minutes while getting ready before school hunting for my last clean pair of socks, only to find them in the refrigiderator.
2) I have dropped ice cream, and had it land inside my sock.
3) I have led a group of students to force a college to pay us to go to another college.
4) I have been involved in a business deal wherein I would have become a millionaire, only to have one of the principles of the deal disappear before any money was exchanged. Last I heard, he was still a missing person.
5) I have been involved in another business deal wherein the principle "found Jesus" and promptly checked himself into an asylum.
6) I am a principle in two businesses. One is fairly successful in its startup. The other taught me not to trust the Chinese in business.
7) I had a pencil burst into flames in my hand. My teacher joked that I had written above the speed limit. In actuallity, I had just bumped into a DC power supply.
8) I became a lab tech in my first semester at college. I had free run of a manufacturing laboratory. I fixed many pieces of equipment. I taught classes I had never taken.
9) I have broken two patio blockes with my hand. Together. Unspaced. Several times.
10) I have traveled the interior of this great country, the long way, four times, with a beautiful, loving woman at my side. Additionally, I remain with that woman to this day.
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