February 3rd, 2012


Some political thoughts

The greatest enemies of freedom are large government and large corporations. When they work together, it is fascism. From the technocrats of Europe to the Obama Administration, that is the problem in the world today.

Neither corporations nor government are the problem. It is a lack of freedom cause by a lack of desire for freedom, in turn caused by the perverted education of the public. I lay the blame for our enslavement at the feet of the education system and those who populate it. America's current education system is the site of a great victory for the forces of tyranny.

In the White House, we have a man propelling the nation to tyranny as fast as possible. Even now, the Republicans stand ready to elect as our candidate a man who will neither halt nor reverse, but, at best, slow the progress to tyranny.

We are identifying the wrong problems; we are asking the wrong questions; we are certainly getting the wrong answers.

Free to Choose is required watching for anybody who believes in freedom.